My Book

If you are looking for answers and almost tearing you hair out with concern over children’s difficulties with learning and/or behaviour, then my book ‘THE SOLUTION IS IN YOUR HANDS FOR CHILDREN’S LEARNING AND BEHAVIOUR DIFFICULTIES’ is your answer. It is the first of my books and is based on 20 years of experience from my work within my clinic.  It will support you with:

  • Crucial knowledge as to what is happening for individual children
  • What to look for as indicators and typical present day observable behaviours
  • Behaviours that you may be aware of but have not considered important
  • How to test and verify the existence of the child’s weaknesses
  • Classroom and home strategies that will support children’s development
  • Specific simple therapy for the appropriate people to carry out
  • Easy, fun exercises that will support children’s development and overcome their weaknesses
  • Case studies to reinforce your understanding and the effectiveness of what I am presenting
  • Scientific research that validates the theories and strategies
  • An extensive bibliography


All of the information is communicated in simple language for the lay person and is reinforced with graphics, audio CD’s, workshops, visual coaching videos and other support, as listed on my resources web pages.


The information within this book will be of interest to all who are working with children. It is a comprehensive ‘go-to-manual’ that provides greater understanding on what really matters, together with credible research outcomes. It is a must for all professionals who work with children and for parents and grandparents, particularly those who favour their left brain or have the need for simple but in-depth information.
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