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About Me :  My story, my expertise, and experience

I distinctly remember at aged three years, with hands on hips, boldly declaring to those who would listen, “I go to the Merbein High School and I am going to be a nurse who fixes people.” That was until an aunt told me, in no un-certain terms: ‘Don’t be a stupid child; you can’t be a nurse with your club feet!”

By age six, having recovered from her dose of ice water and upon arriving home from my first day at school, I declared with hands on hips, to those who’d listen, “I am going to be a teacher and a writer”. I fulfilled that claim in grade three when I stood at the blackboard each morning with a small group of children who were having difficulties, while my teacher taught the rest of the class.

Nevertheless, it took until age forty before I actually formally trained as a teacher, but surprisingly, in the meantime, while continually writing books, I had taught in 9 different teaching positions including a kindergarten, tertiary college, and the coordinator of off-campus courses for aboriginal students.

By fifty years, I had achieved my Master of Education degree and had held all positions required to become a college principal – with clear intentions of positively changing students’ educational experiences.

Then fate stepped in – due to two years of severe clinical depression, I had discovered Kinesiology therapy, which I applied for my healing while studying it. Once qualified, I made a radical decision to resign from teaching and open my clinic, on the basis that if this therapy did a fraction of what it advocated and what I was experiencing, then I was wasting my time in the education system.

Kinesiology was the way to make a real difference. It turned out to be all I hoped it would be. And I still feel the same passion while actually realising my childish dream of becoming the healer, (nurse) teacher, and writer. People were now listening!

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My reputation as a successful consultant and therapist grew, due to the positive impact my work had on thousands of children’s’ lives. My clients, who came from far and near, found me through word of mouth and referrals from parents, government departments including Education, Disability, Child Protection, and Juvenile Justice, as well as private schools. I was rescuing students who had been expelled or suspended indefinitely from school due to extreme behaviour and learning difficulties, thus enabling them to successfully return to school.

As an accredited Kinesiology trainer, I also trained many now practicing Kinesiologists. Along with teachers and other professionals, I also enjoy training parents, grandparents and teacher aides in the strategies that support children for the rest of their lives, without the need for medication. This also happens within my public speaking, presentations, conferences and other forums I have been invited to participate in.

Being born with spina-bifida and club feet that required boots and callipers, I understand children’s pain in being different. My sister’s struggle with dyslexia and other symptoms that I work with on a daily basis also provided understanding of the frustrations and stress experienced by parents and children with difficulties.

My extensive experience from the perspective of the child, parent, sibling, teacher, and therapist enables me to support people like you – I continue to look forward to doing just that!


Heather Dorothy Pollock.

(M. Ed., B. Ed., Dip. Tech. Tch., Dip. Bus., Dip. Kin.)