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About Me :  My story, my expertise, and experience


I distinctly remember at aged three years, with hands on hips, boldly declaring to those who would listen, “I go to the Merbein High School and I am going to be a nurse who fixes people.” That was until an aunt told me, in no un-certain terms: ‘Don’t be a stupid child; you can’t be a nurse with your club feet!”


By age six, having recovered from her dose of ice water and upon arriving home from my first day at school, I declared with hands on hips, to those who’d listen, “I am going to be a teacher and a writer”. I fulfilled that claim in grade three when I stood at the blackboard each morning with a small group of children who were having difficulties, while my teacher taught the rest of the class.


Nevertheless, it took until age forty before I actually formally trained as a teacher, but surprisingly, in the meantime, while continually writing books, I had taught in 9 different teaching positions including a kindergarten, tertiary college, and the coordinator of off-campus courses for aboriginal students.


By fifty years, I had achieved my Master of Education degree and had held all positions required to become a college principal – with clear intentions of positively changing students’ educational experiences.


Then fate stepped in – due to two years of severe clinical depression, I had discovered Kinesiology therapy, which I applied for my healing while studying it. Once qualified, I made a radical decision to resign from teaching and open my clinic, on the basis that if this therapy did a fraction of what it advocated and what I was experiencing, then I was wasting my time in the education system.


Kinesiology was the way to make a real difference. It turned out to be all I hoped it would be. And I still feel the same passion while actually realising my childish dream of becoming the healer, (nurse) teacher, and writer. People were now listening!


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