Public Speaking

Public Speaking

  • Do you need a dynamic speaker, who can connect to all age groups;


  • A speaker who can shatter old beliefs and overcome limitations and adult’ mindsets regarding themselves as well as their children or grandchildren and their abilities?


  • Does your audience need to hear from someone who can help them close the gap in their minds concerning how they see their children and themselves, their careers and their ability to achieve success?


  • Are you looking for an innovative, thought-provoking and interactive speaker who will engage and connect with your audience?


  • Audiences have clearly stated that I am an innovative, passionate and inspiring speaker. My powerhouse of abilities and remarkable ability to speak on diverse topics were developed and sharpened by my life’s experiences, my thirst for knowledge and diverse career experiences.


  • I encourage, challenge and support audiences as they take their next step to discover that there is MORE to life than what they are experiencing and that they can also support the next generation of leaders and parents by the way they themselves see and interact with their world and those in it.


  • I support those in the audience to see how their perceptions of life simultaneously impacts on their children’s and grand children’s world.


  • I stress to all, the importance of their role in a child’s life – there are so many who do not fully appreciate the impact they have on our future society.


  • I use my story of being one of the first in the world to survive surgery for spina bifida as well as meningitis. Although not expected to live, let alone walk, I have had a huge impact on the world with my equal opportunity push for many others less fortunate than I – this push commenced at a very young age whilst still in primary school..


  • Having to walk with boots and calipers throughout my child hood and teenage years is a very humbling experience that has taught me gratitude and so very much more about wanting to give back to the world.


  • I can motivate young people and old alike with my story and what I have learnt from life.


  • I also offer challenging topics to students. Topics that will motivate them to see themselves in a different light as well as offering them strategies that will enhance their learning and study skills. My aim would be to support them in overcoming their limitations and mindsets while developing their resilience so that they can fully appreciate their unique skills and abilities that they can offer the world right NOW!


Your audience will leave your function feeling positive, uplifted and invigorated – their world will never be quite the same again.                Click here  for contact details to receive further information