Presentation Evaluations


 Primitive & Postural Reflexes as Physiological Foundations for Development, Learning & Behaviour.

(This workshop discusses the role of primitive reflexes in learning difficulties, strategies and options for therapeutic Intervention.)


It’s great to see reflexes at a National Conference.  You should go to the A.E.C.A. National Conference in Tasmania next year.  Papers have closed but you may be able to submit late.

I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to further Kinesiology workshops.

I was interested in the relaxation techniques and exercises.  Thank You!

I am very satisfied. Very informative!  I would like info on therapy sessions and costs – for personal reasons.

Great Presentation! I was particularly interested in personal individual techniques.

Heather is very well informed and is in tune with her ideals and her body.

I am very satisfied.   I really liked the practical application of material – as well as some description to give context to the exercises and their application.

Fantastic! Can you come back for another session to go into even more depth?

The session gave me a new understanding,    Heather’s presentation and passion is enlightening. Excellent! I am very happy I came!

Extremely interesting!   With this knowledge we can apply it for early intervention in the school environment.  I am highly satisfied.



  • I was interested in everything, the group, the informality, relaxed delivery and the wonderful information – I want to know more.
  • Thank you Heather, for an excellent weekend, the information, love, care and the healing touch. J.L.
  • I was particularly interested in the Emotional Stress Release, the colourful summarising sheets around the room.
  • You did a wonderful job. I am proud to have met you. I have learnt a lot and enjoyed today. See you soon for the next one. HF.
  • I feel this has given me a good understanding of learning and behaviour. I can’t wait to put it into practice. (No name)
  • Thanks heaps for bringing this to us. LM
  • Thank you. This has opened up a new world to me and a new way of seeing my role as a teacher. I particularly liked the dynamics of the group – due to your efforts and personality; you have such a relaxed confidence. Thanks for a fantastic workshop. L.
  • In my opinion the presenter could improve on sharing even more stories, I just loved listening to Heather talking.
  • The course was great! I am on the right track and I will remember this experience for ever. I will recommend it to all!  Thank you.
  • THANK YOU Heather for a fantastic workshop. N.
  • I loved the skills I can take back to my classroom and the amazing knowledge as to what is happening for our children at school.
  • The course has been fabulous. Very hands on. Delivered skills I was hoping for. (No name)
  • In my opinion the presenter could improve on nothing. Just wonderful!
  • I was particularly interested in the lot, and about emotions and the impact they have on us and the kids – can’t wait for more!
  • I would like to see nothing deleted. Nothing at all.  I enjoyed every participating moment. A great mentor and teacher!



Heather, Thank you for a great presentation – the notes are clear, to the point.  It’s good to have an explanation for each exercise in terms of what the purpose of the exercises is.  The LEEP sequence is:      a) User Friendly     and    b)  Practical

And will be self-sustaining because of a. & b. Thanks!      (School Principal)


For your information – A few of the comments from our teachers:

Excellent – a very practical, easy to implement.

It was wonderful food for thought.

It was wonderful – Excellent for both the kids and staff.

Please come back and deliver more!

Great to learn new things – love to have more.

We will all benefit from this knowledge.

Terrific to move about and have it all jell.

It was fantastic!

Fantastic – it was great to have the modelling and handout.

It was great!