Workshops & Seminars

Although similar, all workshops are tailored and personalised to the interests, needs and requirements of each of the following audiences:

  • Teachers,
  • Teacher Aides,
  • Health and Social Welfare Professionals and Volunteers who work with young people
  • Home Schooling Parents
  • Parents and Grandparents


  1. Students Have to Move to Learn – Level 1 and 2


  1. The Implications of Primitive and Postural Reflexes for Learning and Behaviour – Level 1 and 2


  1. Left Brain versus Right Brain – Implications when student’s become blocked or over-dominant in one hemisphere to the detriment of learning and behaviour


  1. A Compendium of Further Strategies for School and Home that support students of all ages


  1. The Impact Educational Program for Schools

Information Regarding Each Workshop


  1. Students Need to Move to Learn – Level 1 & 2:

The Learning Enhancement Exercise Program (LEEP) workshops for the school and home environment although standing independently, are also part of the support scaffolding for all other workshops.

Movement does help students and adults to learn, retain, and gain valuable skills while exercising their body and mind. This is achieved at the same time as supporting them by overcoming developmental delays, inhibiting primitive reflexes, developing postural reflexes and integrating the brain hemispheres.


Learn how to harness kids’ energy and turn it into enthusiasm and motivation to be fully engaged in the joy of learning and success.


Workshop Level 1 will compensate for the impact on students sitting still, by giving students an opportunity to enable the information to ‘gel’ or ‘anchor’ within the body and brain system without overly intruding on family or class time. It will also support concentration, focus, memory, and a variety of learning skills including reading, writing, spelling, maths etc.


Workshop Level 2 is an in-depth workshop with more complex theory and strategies to support the above as well as effective learning through the integration of the whole brain and body, including left and right hemispheres. These particular strategies are used by educational Kinesiologists to further improve maths, reading, spelling and writing as well as a host of other skills that are relevant to enhanced learning.  They will make an enormous difference to student outcomes.


The Benefits of Learning Enhancement Exercise Program (LEEP):

  • Improves all academic skills including:
    • Reading, Writing and Spelling
    • Mathematics, and Reasoning skills
    • Comprehension – reading and listening
    •    Speech and oral presentation
    • Art and Creativity
    • Sport, Co-ordination (eye, hand, body), gross and fine motor skills
  • Supports inhabitation of primitive reflexes – one of the major reasons for learning difficulties
  • Supports the development of postural reflexes
  • Supports the development of the sensory system
  • Stimulates the body and brain system
  • Calms anxious or aggressive or overexcited students, adults and children
  • Enhances short term and long term memory
  • Enhances concentration
  • Improves attitude and behaviour
  • Supports free flowing movement for walking and running
  • Develops confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • Supports the development of organisation skills and study skills.


Discover the simple methods of Learning Enhancement Exercise Program that will activate the brain and body system for learning, study and recreational activities in an easy and fun environment that will support the whole family to lower stress – including parents as well as children.


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