School Program

The Impact Educational Program for Schools

Some years ago I received a telephone call from the personal assistant to Mr. Rob Blatchford, the Regional Director for Education, Loddon Mallee Region in Victoria, Australia, asking me to make an appointment with Mr. Blatchford.  The Director’s question to me at the beginning of the appointment was “How can we in education, clone more Heather Pollocks?”

This question was based on the successful outcomes I was achieving for the students the Education Department were referring to me because of their intolerable behaviour and dis-engagement from the education system.  At the time, I had more than enough to do within my clinic to keep me busy, and besides, the Kinesiology modality was not so well known and I didn’t want schools or teachers dipping in to the practice without full commitment and then advocating it didn’t work – therefore I didn’t take up his offer.

However, due to an even greater emerging need for action, based on the ever increasing number of today’s young people who are dis-engaging from what is offered in schools, I decided that I needed to take that action. The students need, together with the cries from their teachers and parents for support for themselves, and the young people in their lives, and their professional careers, were all the reasons why I set about writing a book on my work as well as developing the following program for schools.


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